Evidence based medicine or " empirically validated treatments " ( EVT - or empirically violated treatments) are to save costs and to protect the rights of the patients. Practice as application of prefabricated prescriptions.

More popular is a " romantic " medicine, as announced by the clown and physician Patch Adam (in the film and in popular books): humans are to be located in the focal point, humor and contact are just as important as scientific background, spontaneity more important than the protocol.

" our patients do not want to be amused, but to be professionally treated. "

Quite probable.

Thus you can read it again and again: " clients deserve empirically supported treatments, not romanticism" (John Perez writes) - and the response reads: " clients deserve relationships, not treatments" (so Kirk Schneider). Perhaps they deserve both.


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This site is about the relationship of psychotherapy as a profession and science and research. There are claims by empiristic scientists to rule out what should be done in psychotherapeutic practice.

My cause is the understanding of psychotherapeutic practice as an area of creative reflexion which is more than just application of scientifically derived schemes or recipes.

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